Why do you suppose executives are still struggling to make IT governance a priority?


“A recent survey by McKinsey asked IT and non-IT executives to select the initiatives that would be most important in improving their organizations’ IT performance. Three of the top four answers pointed directly to the need for the IT governance undertaken in these executives’ enterprises to be improved.”

If this is so important, why do you suppose executives are still struggling to make IT governance a priority? Perhaps the execs aren’t struggling. Instead, the framework of our thinking struggles to effectively bring governance to the fore.

The context of an organization influences how it will manage governance. (Generational and how boomers effect governance versus gen y and all the in between.)

Additionally, the measures are often not incentivizing good governance. Qualitative and quantitative nature of governance is harder to measure than other activities, and ownership and accountability can make it someone else’s goal/problem.

We should all consider challenging our assumptions going into governance discussions, and strive to make it part of the company DNA rather than an add-on. We should rally around the tough governance calls positively.



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