7 Project Management Tips for Mobile and Web Development


These days, we’re a population addicted to mobile and web. And that’s just fine for the careers of developers and project managers. But how does one get those websites and apps to turn into actual revenue for the company? Fear not. The good people at Caffeine Consulting know all about what it takes to get customers hooked on your latest product.

The Sagacious Seven

  1. Formulate Action Plan
  2. Orchestrate Kick-Off Meeting
  3. Provide PM Software
  4. Embody Assertiveness
  5. Communicate Objectives
  6. Focus on Current Milestone
  7. Test all Deliverables

There’s no doubt about it, you’ve got to have a plan. Identify scope, define team member responsibilities, and set measurable (stressing the measurable) goals. A kickoff meeting works like a pre-game huddle. Team members get motivated. The coach (ideally you, the project manager) makes sure the team strategy is communicated effectively. Any misconceptions are eliminated. Go team!

Do your team a favor by having project management software available to organize and centralize information for developers. This eliminates the chaos and complexity that act like friction on an uncoordinated project effort.

Are you a passive project manager? If so, then why? Isn’t it your job to be assertive and diligent when problems arise (as they inevitably will)? Whether it’s lack of productivity or inner-team conflict, make sure you nip it in the bud. Making the connection between results and ideas is crucial. Connect with developers and designers on a technical level without compromising or distilling overarching objectives. And don’t get carried away with goals that are beyond your current project phase. When building anything it’s always enticing to move on to the fun stuff ahead of time. Resist this urge!

Lastly, measure twice and cut once. Test, test, and test again. All deliverables should be sent through the pipeline bug-free. The smallest mistake could cause your team big headaches.

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